Why Islam has many rules | Amina | note

Why Islam has many rules | Amina | note Why Islam has many rules Islam is a lot of rules and prohibitions, I think there are many people who have the image that's a very likely religion. I myself, before the Muslims, to had a such an image, even after conversion, rules and regulations should actually learn There are many. But why Islam is often so rule? And why unlike other religions, remains free of the rule is changed from 00 years ago, do you have been enforced even now? In this article, with respect to that question, I think I'd love to my own interpretation commentary. Islam is [to protect the child, I want you to be happy] parental love of religion that The basic concept of Islam, there is a thing called 'prevention is better than treatment. Previous post the [Muslim women why suffer the hijab], but we also mentioned in the article, this is the place referred to in Japan [Better safe than sorry], that is to deal from happening is something bad no, idea is to act so as not to occur a bad thing from the beginning.